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Max Level: 255/120
Max Stats: 255
Max Aspd: 196

Rates: 8000x/8000x/1000x

Command List: @rates,@refresh,@autotrade,@petfriendly,@feelreset,@iteminfo,@storage,@pettalk,@pethungry,@go,@noks,@time,@alootid,@showexp,@changegm,@whereis,@whodrops,@allskill,@showzeny,@hominfo,@homevolution,@homlevel,@request,@autoloot,@mobinfo,@jailtime,@duel,@invite,@leave,@accept

Freebies: Costume Angeling Furhat, Angeling Balloon, Angeling Wings, Poring Coin - 500

NPC List: All Basic NPC, Poring Coin Trader, TCG Card Trader, WoE Reward Trader, Poring Coin Pet, Soul Linker, Leveling Room, Gold Room, Poring Coin Farm Zone, Private MvP Room, PvP Ladder, All In One, Pot Town Dealer, Mall, Redeem Freebies, Instant Refiner +10, Punching Bag, Emperium Breaker


WoE Reward
WoE Reward Prize - 20
Superb Fish Slice - 1Box (1000)
Token for all player in guild winner.

Token, You can buy Special effect item from Woe Reward Trader Shop.

How to get Token?

-Win 1 castle when War of Emperium. The winner of guild will get the prize.

WoE Reward Trader - Many Recouloured New Valkyrie Helm and New Valkyrie Wings (Effect Bonus Allstat +1)


TCG Card
TCG, You can buy item from TCG Card Trader Shop.

How to get TCG?

1) Disguise Event: - 5 TCG per round (10 Round game)

2)Dice Event Kiroshi: - 50 TCG for the Winner.

TCG Card Trader - Archangel Wings, Archdemon Wings, Arch Wings, Arctic Wings, Dragon Wings


Poring Coin
Poring Coin, You can farm PC and buy item from Poring Coin Trader Shop.

How to get Poring Coin? - Poring Coin Farm Zone (Kill 1 Drops get 5 PC)

Poring Coin Trader - All MvP Card, Yggdrasilberry Box(30), Elemental (Wind, Water, Earth, Fire), Halo Halo, Stat Foods




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